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I'm your host, Michael Fry and on this show I'll be discussing this beautiful stuff called Music; what is it, what is its role in the world, how do we relate to it and why?

Through my 38 year career in commercial music, community music and inclusive arts, I have made a great network of amazing people to interview and share their stories, thoughts and their work with you. Of course, I'm sure that this network will grow and I will be chatting with people who I've never met before and become inspired by their stories.

Music is one of the greatest activities on Earth and so much more than just commercial music in all of its forms and genres. Music is fundamental to being Human and this is why I'm here. To talk about that.

Inclusion and access to music is what I am extremely passionate about and I want to explore this in depth.

And I really hope that you will get involved too by suggesting topics and guests and help to grow our community organically. You may even have that great story that needs to be shared. I want this to be our show, where Everyone is Music.

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