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The Everyone is Music Podcast is coming very soon!

We are so excited to be launching this podcast. Musical Explorations in Conversations is the strapline and that is exactly what we will be doing. Michael has worked in music for 37 years and has some amazing contacts who have incredible ideas, knowledge and value to share with you.
This podcast will be essential for anyone involved in music making whether professional or amateur and if you are a teacher, music leader or a therapist then don't miss this show!

It's coming on Wednesday!

"PLASTIC NO" is being released on Wednesday 16th March. 
A single-use plastics protest song that came about through a meeting with WI Climate Ambassador, Maureen O'Grady who requested that Michael write a Plastic-Free song for her Plastic-Free Picnic. The song took on a life of its own and the Plastic NoNo Band was born.
We hope you like it!